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“When he was at the table with them, he took bread blessed and broke it, and gave it to them.   Then their eyes were opened, and they recognized him” (Luke 24:30-31)

Dear Friends in Christ,
 We invite you to share our life with God. God is at work here!  We share God’s presence as we worship, pray, sing, learn and play together. We have discovered that we are nurtured and fed by God’s love when we do these things.  We know that if you are not used to these practices, they can seem foreign and foreboding; but over time these things become easier.  When we do these things we sense our lives undergoing transformation and newness.
 Jesus teaches and shares stories that remind us of where we come from and who we are as God’s children.   He recalls for us the sacred writings of Israel reminding us of God’s presence, and that God’s way is the way of compassion, mercy, forgiveness, and healing—that God’s love is stronger than death.
 Each week at worship we share Jesus’ stories; we also share readings taken from the Hebrew scripture and the early church.  We also remember Jesus by doing what he did when he shared a final meal with his friends.  This meal after Jesus rose from the dead became the way the early church continued to express the life of Jesus in the world.
When we gather at table around a meal together,  we believe that Jesus takes—blesses and gives himself to us as we share bread and wine—his body and blood—his life given for us. By this act our Lord becomes present to us as we do what has been done since the time of Jesus.
We know Jesus through the breaking of bread and prayers.
 Here at St. John—these things are true!  We gather each week around Word and Meal where Jesus promises to be always present bringing us to new life and new creation. The way of Jesus is God’s way of healing for the life of the world. We invite you to join us.
                                                                         Blessings and Joy,
                                                                                    Pastor Bev​


Our History

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1854   September 10, 1854, the cornerstone was laid for the present church building.
1855   On May 29th the church was named Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church as part of the Emmitsburg-Fountaindale charge, incorporated by the laws of Adams County.
1863   In July the church became a hospital for severely wounded soldiers from the Gettysburg Battle of the Civil War near Fairfield.
1890   In October the church was renovated and the Sunday School room (our present- day gathering area) was added, the choir loft installed, the balcony removed, the pulpit alcove was added, and the bell tower and narthex were erected.
1892   On February 2nd the building was completed and Fairfield separated from the Emmitsburg charge.
1916   The church was wired for electric lights and a telephone was installed in the  parsonage.
1924   New pipe organ was installed. The parsonage was demolished and a new   parsonage was built, which is now the parish house.
1949 A parish hall was added to the church building.
1968 The union of St John's United Church of Christ and Zion Lutheran Church as 'St John Lutheran Church' took place on January 1st.
2005  January 16, 2005 the new parish hall was dedicated with a ribbon cutting  ceremony on May 1 2005.